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• It's estimated that 10-20% of Canadian youth are affected by a mental illness or disorder. BreathingRoom helps youth deal with stress, anxiety and depression, find mind-body connection and understand the connection between thoughts and behaviours. Educational organizations provide BreathingRoom to students as a resource for wellness.

• BreathingRoom is an evidence-based, award-winning e-mental health and wellness program.

• It has been clinically tested to help youth 13-24 deal with stress, anxiety and depression.

• ALL youth can learn coping strategies to make life easier and connect better with themselves and others.

What's Included in BreathingRoom ?

This program includes 8 modules, which offer:

  • Visualizations to promote calm and creative thinking.
  • Fresh insights from a medical expert who has helped others move forward in their lives.
  • A down-to-earth program host who guides participants through the program and shares personal experiences.
  • Simple offline activities to try out the ideas presented.
  • Music that expresses emotions we can all relate to.
  • Movie and book suggestions.
  • True stories written by young people who have dealt with a tough situation.
  • Jokes to lighten the mood.

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Why Is It Important?

BreathingRoom reduces the barriers to youth getting the much needed help they need. Youth reported they are more comfortable seeking help as a result of the program. The core principles and activities of BreathingRoom promote well-being in both adults and youth:

  1. Improved wellbeing (higher energy levels, increased motivation, hopefulness, reduced negative feelings, reduced feelings of depression).
  2. Change in perspective, better able to address or cope with life challenges.
  3. Feeling more connected to others, their surroundings and themselves.
  4. Enhanced self-control over emotions.
Image of two girls handing out together laughing.

How Does BreathingRoom Work With You?

BreathingRoom is available on a subsidized basis to qualifying organizations and institutions thanks to grants and donations from Calgary Foundation, RBC Foundation, Alberta Lottery Fund, Trico Foundation, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd, and private donors (B. Wilson, McConnell/Innoweave).

If you would like to offer BreathingRoom to your organization, please contact us. We’ll work with you to integrate and customize our e-health program and provide ongoing program support. BreathingRoom is also available for individual purchase in the App Store and Google Play.

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