Breathing Room | What To Expect
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What To Expect


We all have stuff that can start to weigh us down. It might be the pressure of school, work, relationships or just about anything. Or maybe it’s the weight of always having to be someone you’re not. BreathingRoom is a place you can let go of whatever has a hold of you. You can watch videos, check out some tunes or try something out of the norm. No one’s watching, you’re free to explore the space however and whenever you want. It’s up you to.


Give yourself some BreathingRoom, it might be just what you need to start building the life you really want.


The Modules

Here are the topics you will find in BreathingRoom. We suggest you cover one topic a week. It takes less than 30 minutes a day.




1. Breaking Through: Uncovering the REAL You

Offers new ways to deal with negative thoughts and provides tools to help you see yourself as you are – a unique individual with incredible abilities.





2. Enjoying Again: Reconnecting with Life

Explores ways to ease the feelings of being alone and isolated.





3. Coming Alive: Discovering Your Purpose

Moves you away from feelings of emptiness and boredom by showing you ways to connect with your passions.




4: Shifting Gears: Finding the Positive Spin

Shows you how to stop the downward spiral of “ruminating thought patterns” by focusing on the positives.





5: Reaching Out: Making A Difference

Teaches you how to handle the amplified feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that can be overwhelming.





6: Moving On: Responding to Setbacks

Provides tools to deal with the inevitable challenges that life presents, despite the best planning.





7: Breaking Free: Dealing with Past Hurts

Presents ways to help you let go of hurt, bitterness, and guilt when either you or someone else has done something that feels unforgivable.





8: Celebrating Possibilities: Moving Forward

Encourages you to plan events to celebrate your progress and enjoy the life ahead of you.





Want More?

Here’s a taster of what you will find in the program. Meet Melanie Jones, our host, who guides you through the content while relating it to her own personal experiences.





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